What’s been on your mind most lately?

It's all about transitions, decisions, turning points and getting my shit together right now. I've been learning and experiencing a whole lot of things in this last year, and quite a lot has changed in a very short amount of time. This can be pretty overwhelming sometimes and I still need to figure out plenty of stuff for myself, but it have been some great and exciting months in retrospective.Tweet this

What are you known for by your friends and family?

Many of them don’t really have clue what I do exactly except "making websites" and I’m probably more known to them for my sportive activities and as a honest and pleasant person. I’m also seen as a serious worker who deeply cares about his work.Tweet this

If you had the opportunity to get a message across to a large group of people, what would your message be?

Erm, wow. I’m not sure how to answer this without sounding all quasi-philosophical and self righteous, but I’ll try… You’ll probably be dead within 70 years, so quit stressing about things that really—in the grand scheme of things—don’t matter. I see people get consumed by the littlest issues: small, petty arguments; trivial decisions (‘Do I use a <nav> or a <ul>?’); always thinking or assuming people are out to get them; overthinking situations; making mountains out of molehills; holding grudges. It’s really bad for them. I was a very hot-headed teenager; I was always arguing with someone (usually my dad, which is partly (mainly?) why I left home as soon as I could), always disagreeing, always caring too much about nothing. Then, when I was about 18 or so, I made a very conscious decision to be more laid back. I decided to let things wash over me, I chose not to let things annoy me, I chose to assume that the person who was rude to me in the store earlier on was just having a bad day, and doesn’t have some personal vendetta against me. Since then I’ve found I’m more tolerant, I haven’t had a single fall out with anyone, I’m more open minded. So yeah, I guess, just don’t let things affect you too much. Weigh things up, put them into perspective, be more laid back, quit stressing. It’s better that way.Tweet this

When you look into the past, what do you miss most?

I most miss senior year of high school. I miss the trips and games with the soccer team, having one last year to not really care, and seeing my friends every day. No bills, no responsibilities, no stress. Those where the days.Tweet this

What has fear of failure stopped you from doing?

Taken a career in film. When I was leaving my job to start my own company, I was looking seriously at whether I could start off in the film industry as an editor (and I wasn't a bad editor in FCP and Adobe Premiere) but in the end, I bottled it. It's something I think I'll continue to dabble with for years to come, but I've since grounded my feet pretty well in this web thing, so it wasn't so bad in the end!Tweet this

What does the child inside you look for?

The child in me is eagerly waiting for the time when my son is old enough to play Lego with him, have an excuse to climb around on playgrounds and build treehouses. There are lots of awesome things little kids do, which just seem weird if you do them as a grown-up. Having a child is the best experience in my life so far and being able to do all that stuff again with him later is a wonderful thing to look for. Tweet this

What is something you have that everyone wants?

Well, what I hope what everybody wants that I have is my dedication to do the right thing and to improve accessibility on the web. I learned that if you want to make a small dent in the lifes of people that you take up a stance and stick to it. If you have doubts yourself, or don’t live to your goals, you weaken yourself. That certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t be wrong, but if you are, you should admit it openly as well.Tweet this

What do you wish did not exist in your life?

Gravity, it has been a harrowing experience. I bet if everyone didn't experience gravity, design would be drastically different and less horizontally oriented. But seriously, I would love to surpass the confines of human psychology, and what we perceive as regular or even good, and do it unimaginably different. I guess I feel constricted by my own flesh and my neural capacity. The people that are working on a mind machine interface should hurry the fuck up!Tweet this

What do you do when nothing else seems to make you happy?

I go out and meet new people. Being away from home makes me happy. Also in that kinda moments I love to sing, people say I shouldn't and they are right. However, it makes me happy. And flirting is good, it makes you feel wanted and desirable but usually something i know will pick me up and be positive the next day!Tweet this